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Sitting in front of my screen
Every day, day-in day-out Flipping through post after post Trying to lull off into sleep Suddenly, I stop I stare, my soul shivers, I see him
Watching He is watching  He sees me The boy in the ambulance He sees me watching him Face marred with rubble and cuts His left eye badly hurt He sits He stares into nothingness There is nothing there....
Tired Little hands on his lap He just wants to play He just wants to do what little boys do He wants to play with his brother  "I'm so tired" 
Screaming All around him screaming Screaming of pain Screaming of agony He sits, he watches He does not know why
Bewildered  His little bare feet Dirty and bare They just swing and hang there His eyes stare out into nothingness His face bloodied He is alone  Yet he is not alone.
They find his sister She sits She stares She is wearing pink She is hurt She stares into the same nothingness
Lost I sit watching him We are lost We sit watching We sit watching…

What They Took With Them