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How does a muslim deal with unhappiness in this life that was self-inflicted by bad decisions? For example, if one fails to marry the person that made him/her happy and strong.

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Amaana03 replied:

As Muslims we believe in of the 99 attributes of Allah (SWT) is that He is the Best of Planners. Basically, no matter what you might have tried to do to marry this person...and it wasn't written to wasn't going to happen. Remember that you make your own no matter what life situation you are are the one that can set the record straight...and be happy. The closer you are to Allah (SWT) the happier you will be inshaAllah. I hope this helped...sorry for the delayed reply. Take care...keep making du'aa and praying...and cheer up! You never know where the good is for you!


  1. Jazakallah khair for your good advice. As a muslim, I do believe in destiny, but I also believe that we make our own choices. Needless to say, I'm unhappy with some of the choices I have made. Sometimes, as people, we are blind to what is good for us and instead we turn away from it. I pray to Allah swt. to forgive me for this. But like you said, all we can do is put our faith in Him and try to do better. Please make duaa for me. we salam


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