Misconceptions on Imams and US Air

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

MAS Freedom Foundation Fact Sheet

WASHINGTON, DC - Nov. 29, 2006 (MASNET) Listed below are important facts in responding to inaccuracies and misconceptions by some of the media concerning the six Imams removed from flight 300.

A note by a passenger given to the flight attendant stated that the Imams were saying "…Allah…Allah…" before boarding. According to both the Imams and passengers, three Imams were observed praying aloud in the terminal prior to boarding. The word Allahu-Akbar (God is Great) is recited aloud in Muslim prayers and is said a minimum of 20 times. Additionally, even in casual conversation the word Allah, which is Arabic for God, is used frequently. This is similar to the way Christians use in their conversation expressions such as "God-Willing", "Praise the Lord", and "Good God Almighty". Causal conversations among both Muslim and Christians make frequent reference to God (or Allah).

The seating of the individual Imams was assigned to them by U.S. Airways. One Imam upgraded his seat from coach to first class, and sought an upgrade for another Imam because of the second Imam's physical disability-blindness.

Seatbelt extensions were requested and given to only two Imams, who both weight in excess of 250 pounds.

What has been described as "excessive movement" aboard the airplane involved the Imam seated in the first class section of the aircraft escorting the blind Imam to his seat in the coach section of the plane. The Imam in the first class seat returned to his seat, and later went back to the blind Imam in coach to ask him if he would prefer to exchange seats with him. The blind Imam thanked his friend, but declined the offer.

After the Imams had been detained and questioned for over four hours, all six Imams were cleared by federal law enforcement and given permission to fly. However, US Airways refused to issue them tickets and seemed to have created an atmosphere that resulted in, for over ten hours, all airlines refusing to sell them tickets to return home.

Two of the Imams were previously detained at an airport in El Paso, TX following their prayer in the terminal. Civil rights organizations have records of other Muslims being detained and questioned after praying in airports. In September 2006 an orthodox Jewish man was removed from a plane for "making passengers nervous by praying in his seat".

Four other airlines (American, United, Delta, and Continental) have previously been found guilty of violating federal anti-discrimination laws for removing passengers because of their (perceived) religious or ethnic backgrounds. The four carriers have settled this legal action with the U.S. Department of Transportation.


  1. Aslamu aliakum,

    I just found your blog! I've been browsing through it, and it's really great, MashaAllah! :) I especially like the way you answer the questions :D

    funny thing is, i stumbled on your blog when i put my NAME through google- I'm Amina Banawan. So, think we're related? :P

  2. O Allah! Break free the shackles of our prisoners and the prisoners of the Muslims.
    O Allah! Break free the shackles of our prisoners and the prisoners of the Muslims.
    O Allah! Break free the shackles of our prisoners and the prisoners of the Muslims, and return them safely to their families.



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