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You really made me cry. As always, excellent work. We want to hear more of Old Man Zachary. Keep it up!

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your support! This story was just a distant window into the lives of oppressed people. They can't get their voices out...I imagine them screaming into a vacuum. No one can hear them because everyone is seriously blinded by money and the life of this world. May we always try to be the voice of the oppressed. May we always try to right the wrong and keep on the straight path. Ameen. Thanks again :)

~Mona Banawan


  1. I came across this article in DNation yesterday's edition. Here is the last part of the article by Charles Onyango-Obbo.

    it’s appropriate that we end on a slightly religious note. The name Muhammad, we are told, is set to overtake Jack as the most popular name for boys.

    However, Muhammad is also one of the names with the most different spellings: Mohammed, Muhammad, Mohammad, Muhammed, Mohamed, Mohamad, Mahammed, Mohammod, Mahamed, Muhammod, Muhamad, Mohmmed, Mohamud, Mohammud.

  2. Salam Hello,

    My name is Zahra Elkassabgi. I was looking for another blogger with the last name Banawan when I came across your site. I was wondering if you are an Egyptian? I am actually of Egyptian heritage and my mother last name is Banawan. I was wondering if there is any relation. If so, give me an email:


    Zahra Elkassabgi

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