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Amaana, I'm a fan of your writing...It's amazing how you can write thoughts the way you do.


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Anonymous said, "Also, John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo (both Muslim) were labeled as American Serial Killers. There were some references to keeping the D.C. area in a state of terror but no report that I have encountered ever labeled them as a terrorist."

Then what is a terrorist?? That Cho guy could debatably considered a terrorist as well.

Dear nba analyst,

I would like to thank you for your support. A lot of times people don't understand just how much writing even the smallest comments can encourage a person to keep on track :)

The post on terrorist vs. killer was written with a previous experience that I had with the ex-advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister a few years back. I asked him that same question...he replied a person that instills fear in others hearts. I was going by that definition of terrorist because it made such an impression on me. After that question of course a lot more fell in line...but that's a long story. According to a terrorist is:

1. a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.
2. a person who terrorizes or frightens others.
3.(formerly) a member of a political group in Russia aiming at the demoralization of the government by terror.
4. an agent or partisan of the revolutionary tribunal during the Reign of Terror in France. –adjective
5. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of terrorism or terrorists: terrorist tactics.

I guess if you go by definition number 1 (which most media outlets probably do) then it makes sense that only members of organized groups are called terrorists. If you go by definition number 2 (which I was doing) then anyone that terrorizes or frightens others can easily be classified as a terrorist.

All in all, I really believe that we must stop living in this culture of fear - it's a sick way to control people. If we get passed this stage in our development as a nation I really believe a lot of the issues we have can be easily resolved. Understanding through knowledge is the way to go!

Thanks again for your post! Keep reading!


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