Happy Birthday to My Little One!

Two years ago today my youngest blessed our home. Everyday I thank God for this beautiful gift that he has honored our family to care for. I truly believe that every single person in this world should celebrate his/her birthday. I don't believe in huge and extravagant birthdays, but I do believe in the people closest to you being a part of this special time of the year.

Why is a birthday so important? A birthday is important because without the realization that one is getting older, a person takes aging for granted. We forget to thank God for each and every year we are given to live in this short life. It is also a simple way to show someone that they are appreciated.

A lot of Muslims don't celebrate birthdays. I do. The reason a lot of Muslims do not celebrate is because of Arabic terminology for this day. They call it "eid milaad" - meaning birth holiday (or something to that effect). We, as Muslims only have two holidays...but the thing is...a birthday should be actually called "youm milaad" - day of birth. I am in no way saying that our birthdays are holidays...they are personal special days.

Let me know what you think! :)


  1. Happy birth day!!!!!!!!
    I totally agree with you Mona.If one thanks Allah and shows gratitude for being blessed with one more year of his life, thus expresses happiness and joy, then there is nothing wrong with that(ALLAH knows best)


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