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What is Salah and Why do Muslims Pray?

  Prayer: Part 1 What is Salah and Why do Muslims Pray? What comes to mind when one thinks of prayer? In this secular world, oftentimes prayer is simply seen as a quick plea to a God that one does not wholly believe in; perhaps this prayer is made in a moment of desperation, as a last resort in a time of utter hopelessness and despair. Or perhaps prayer may be constant and sincere, with one’s heart full of the belief that God will hear. That He will therefore answer. In Islam, salāh (prayer) has been mandated, and is hence a defining act of worship for the Muslim ummah (community of believers). As Muslims, we pray five times each day: once before sunrise, twice during the day time, once at sunset, and once more at night. Although varying in length, each prayer follows the same structure, which has been revealed by God and modeled by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Salah

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