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Ramadan and the Phoenix of Freedom

Gripping the corners of my chair as I sat and watched William Wallace (Mel Gibson) bellow “FREEDOM” at the end of BraveHeart did something to my heart. After intently concentrating on all 177 minutes of the storyline of this historic fiction, I sat and wondered about the essence of this “Freedom”. Was “Freedom” the ability to live life free of another’s control? Was it “Freedom” of the soul? The character of William Wallace screams and life is seemingly swept out of him with that one last syllable. Then he is at peace. What is the ultimate “Freedom”? Do we, as human beings on Earth, ever experience these windows that set us free? This is not to say that the only way to feel liberated is through death, but it is the unshackling of the soul that captures the audience at the end of this movie. Exactly 1432 years ago, God gave us all the keys to the “Freedom” that we all seek. It was 1432 years ago that the message of Islam was bestowed upon us as a light and as a passport to th