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Columnist of "Just Ask A Mexican" Writes

Gustavo Arellano said... Just found this site AND discovered I am its inspiration! Glad I can be of help! 6:38 PM   Just Ask A Muslim replies... Thank you very much for the idea...Our religion is so misunderstood and twisted in the media that when I heard the NPR report on "Just Ask A Mexican", I couldn't help but say: "JUST ASK A MUSLIM" PLEASE!!! We have so many people speaking for us that we hardly get to express ourselves to the world. It seems that the only news that is worthy to be called news, is bad news about bad guys (a lot of times you don't even have to be a "bad guy" to be portrayed as just have to be different). I was so happy to see your post...and I hope that people can get a little better idea of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim living in today's world.

Robert Fisk: How Middle America made me feel safer

A lot of times, we never think of what it must feel like to walk around in someone else's skin. One of the most important guidelines that I have ever been adviced to follow was: think about what it would feel like if you were looking through the eyes of the person in front of you. All people want to be happy and safe...all people want to raise there families without fear of violence and hate. It doesn't matter where you are doesn't matter what religion or ethnic background you are a part of... as humans we are the human race ...we need to stop marginalizing and subjecting each other to such horrific non-human experiences...please read the following heart-felt TRUE article about people just like and try to feel what it really might feel like to be any person mentioned in this article... *** Robert Fisk: How Middle America made me feel safer Here were 32,000 Muslims saying they were proud to be Americans! By Robert Fisk, The Independent of Lo

Question from Angelica

Angelica said... Asalamu Alaikum: I am a muslim and beleive in Allah and mohamad as his final messnger but I personally do not put full faith in hadiths- as they were written years after the Prophets death, by human beings who could have manipulated and changed things around and thrown things in there as they saw fit. I know we are supposed to treat the teachings of the prophet as the word of Allah b ut i really just dont trust a bunch of men compiling facts and treating them like Allah(swt)'s spoken truth no matter how "authenticated" they may be based upon how much everyone trusted and respected them. They are human too. I treat the hadiths as knowledgeable wisdom that i try and learn from not gods spoken truth. But do people who dont follow hadith pray? Thanks so much for ur time!! Salamz =) 1:25 AM Reply from Sheikh Mohammed-Umer Esmail: First of all, it is not true that the Ahadith were compiled or written years after the Prophet's {salla Al