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A Question of Respect

Ray Barrett said: I have a question. I am generally supportive of Islam, though I myself am not a practitioner. There is one issue that I have not been able to understand, however. I learned during the recent Jyllands-Posten controversy that many Muslims believe that no one should be allowed to create or display images of Mohammed, regardless of their religion. If I am not Muslim, why should a Muslim care whether or not I create images of Mohammed? If Muslims are not willing to respect my personal beliefs regarding Mohammed, how can they ask for that respect in return? 3:39 PM Amaana03 replied: Hello Ray, You have a very good question and I am happy that you asked. I don't know about you but growing up I was taught something to the effect of my freedom ends at the tip of my nose...does that make sense? This means that once I start to oppress freedom is no longer mine...I have started to infringe on someone else's liberty. In the Holy Quran there is a vers