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Re: The Least That I Can Do

Mandy writes: Thank you for that link!!!! Mariam writes: very articulate. it really is like that Hoobie Akram writes: OMG ! So touching. So true. Well written. Nadia writes: MashaAllah excellent article, I wish articles like that were published in US media. JazakAllah khair! Marwa writes: brought tears to my eyes ya Mona..may Allah reward you for your efforts inshaAllah. love you :) Mona Banawan writes: Thanks for reading it...I know it was a bit sad...but it's reality for so many ppl. Please circulate it if you get a chance. JAK :)!!

I haven't written in a while

Dear Reader, Sorry it's been so long. I have been stuck in the whirlwind of life. So I was driving home the other day and I saw this relatively new restaurant called "Twin Peaks". The ad is of a country girl with her shirt half open holding a try and a gigantic smile. It all added up to me and it is basically another "Hooters". What I don't understand is how no one sees these restaurants and other venues for entertainment as subjugation of women. These places are a real let down to the American and Islamic ideals of freedom and liberation of the woman. I'd really like to hear others opinions on this topic. Please add a comment and we can start a dialogue! :) Take care and hope to hear from you soon! ~Mona