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The French Shooter, Muslims and the World

I have been thinking of the sad state that our world is in. A world where we kill civilians and innocent children unthinkingly. A world where a child cannot go to school without a parent fearing that their child might be killed because of religion... Honestly, I am sick and tired of EVERYTHING going wrong in this world being linked to Muslims. This is NOT ISLAM, NOR ARE THESE ISLAMIC ACTS. ALL Muslims of sound minds and hearts condemn such brutal and STUPID acts against humanity! I don't know if it is just a coincidence...or are Muslims being framed, b/c honestly...we can't be this heartless and STUPID! THIS IS JUST PLAIN OUT WRONG no matter who did it... Muslims have become the scapegoat of all world problems. Al Qaeda has hijacked our religion and our names. They have done the most wrong to Muslims all over the world. It just makes one think, are these traits of dehumanization and beastly-like tendencies being attributed to Muslims to make it OK to continue

The International Cover to The Times Magazine

I ask you to put yourself in these little girls' shoes.  Just think...what would it be like if this were my child looking down on me.  These children are no different than our own...the only difference is that they speak a different language.  They play like our children love to play, they love with all their hearts, and once a change like this is made in their lives...who knows the ramifications that could ripple through their souls.  With a Heavy Heart, ~Mona THIS MUST STOP!  It only takes a minute to try to make a difference. Here are one of the many petitions going around:

The Regime from Hell: Syria Under Siege

Syria: The Rape and Torture of the Young, Men and Women Alike I was listening to the BBC today.  There was a lady that went by the name of "Nadia" reporting from Syria.  She was working as a humanitarian aid there, up until the raping of young girls, virgins and the unmarried began.  She gave reports of women and girls that she helped after these horrid acts were taken upon them.  She said that girls as young as 12 and 13 were raped 15-25 times a day!  She mentioned that boys were also being raped continuously by the soldiers. She then went on to mention that men were taken for interrogation only to come back shaking.  One of her relatives thought that they were given some sort of drug to make them  convulse like that.  When it was his turn, he came back with the real answer as to what was happening to the men.  They were taken in to questioning, chained down and made to watch as their wives were being raped continuously by the soldiers.  If for any reason they resisted,

Sami Yusuf: Salamu Alaikum 2011

Salamu Alaikum Lyrics I dream for a day When there’ll be No more misery When there’s no more hunger No need for shelter Isn’t there enough to share Or is that we just don’t care? We’re here for a day or two… Let me show my way… Salaamu alaik, Salaamu alaik, Salaamu alaikum I pray for a day When there’ll be Justice and unity Where we put aside our differences Fighting makes no sense Just a little faith To make it a better place We’re here for a day or two… Let me show my way… Salaamu alaik, Salaamu alaik, Salaamu alaikum Salaamu alaikum Ya ahlas-salaam, Salamu alaikum Salaamu alaikum Sayyid al-Kiram, Salaamu alaikum Let me show my way… Salaamu alaikum, alaikum, alaikum Words: Sami Yusuf Music: Sami Yusuf Produced by Sami Yusuf