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Nail Polish Revisited

Angelica said... I was wondering: You know how ur allowed to wear socks for 24 hours after Wudu and so you dont have to wash the feet over and over if u keep the socks on....well, wouldnt the same thing apply for nail polish? if you clean the nails while making Wudu, then immediatley put on polish to seal in the cleanliness, couldnt you also keep this on for 24 hours? I know we are not supposed to adorn ourselves with bright colored polishes, but i feeel happy and femenine when i have nice clear polished shiny nails. What do u think? Answer from Amaana03: Dear Angelica... I just got back from a lesson and the Sheikh made a simple point about socks and nail polish. The point was...we have to wear socks to keep our feet warm or to wear our is something needed. Making wudu (ablution) on the socks makes it easier for a person to sustain their wudu and keep warm at the same time. However, wearing nail polish is not something that we must do to sustain ourselves - it is som