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Queen Rania's YouTube Channel

Madrasati Palestine From: QueenRania | April 18, 2010 | 7,565 views This video, created for the launch of Madrasati Palestine, is an insight into the everyday difficulties faced by Arab children and their schools in East Jerusalem. Madrasati Palestine is led by Her Majesty and uses the same approach as Madrasati Jordan renovating schools under the auspices of the Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in East Jerusalem تم إعداد هذا الفيديو لنشاط بمناسبة إطلاق "مدرستي فلسطين"، ويعرض التحديات اليومية التي

The Fair and Lovely Standard - by Maria Saadat from

The Fair and Lovely Standard By Maria Saadat, March 29, 2010 The latest Bollywood song blared from the speakers and the crowd at my sister’s wedding cheered in delight. As I laughed with my friends and shimmied my hips in time to the music, I was unaware that a family friend’s son was observing me from across the room. He had attended the event in order to “take a look at me” for a possible rishta (proposal). I didn’t make the cut, however. I wasn’t gori (fair) enough. It didn’t matter that I was well educated, courteous to others, or that I could cook a mean chicken karahi. No, he did not know any of these things about me or even the sound of my voice, for he didn’t bother speaking to me. I was simply cast aside, rejected from afar, solely based on the color of my skin. Six months later said bachelor was married – to his 17-year-old cousin. Yes, she was a child. But, oh, was she pale! The general response amongst my friends to this story was, “Oh, they must have been backward

"Reclaiming My Identity" from CNN by Nafees A. Syed

Reclaiming my identity By Nafees A. Syed, Special to CNNMarch 31, 2010 10:27 a.m. EDT STORY HIGHLIGHTS Nafees Syed and family at July 4th fireworks when a man said, "What planet are y'all from?" Syed says if we all "went back to where we came from," only Native Americans would be left People mistakenly think Muslims are loyal to another country above U.S., she says Born in U.S.A., Syed says it took being "in foreign lands to realize just how American I was" Editor's note: America's 300 million-plus people are declaring their identity in the 2010 Census. This piece is part of a special series on in which people describe how they see their own identity. Nafees A. Syed is a senior at Harvard University, an editorial writer at The Harvard Crimson and a senior editor for the Harvard-MIT journal on Islam and society, Ascent. (CNN) -- As a child, I looked forward to nothing more than the dazzling Fourth of July laser and firework