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My Dream: First American Hijabi Anchorwoman #LetNoorShine

Du'aa (Prayer) for Syria

I found this on the site thought it was beautiful . A Special Dua for Syria Poem submitted by a sister who wishes to remain Anonymous.   Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem O Allah! The Compassionate The Merciful Ar Rahman Ar Raheem Today and everyday I ask You for Syria O King, O the Holy One Al Malik Al Quddus I raise my hands That You have given me Begging Only You for Mercy O The Source of Peace and the Guardian of Faith Ya Salam Ya Mu'min Please grant peace to My Muslim brothers and sisters In Syria Please grant them strength to fight And give them Your Protection O Guardian O The Mighty One! Ya Al Muhaymin Ya Aziz Please take care of my Muslim brothers And sisters in Syria O Enforcer O Supreme One Ya Al Jabbar Al Mutakabbir I prostrate myself to You Humbling myself to You Please free Syria O Lord, Our Creator, The Evolver Al Khaliq Al Bari Please do not let

Muslim Women Do That