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Reply to Anonymous Re: Old Man Zackary

Anonymous said... You really made me cry. As always, excellent work. We want to hear more of Old Man Zachary. Keep it up! Dear Anonymous, Thanks for your support! This story was just a distant window into the lives of oppressed people. They can't get their voices out...I imagine them screaming into a vacuum. No one can hear them because everyone is seriously blinded by money and the life of this world. May we always try to be the voice of the oppressed. May we always try to right the wrong and keep on the straight path. Ameen. Thanks again :) ~Mona Banawan

Re: Killer vs. Terrorist - Response to Anonymous

Anonymous Says: Mona, although I would agree that there is a definite negative view of Muslim's in the United States, I don't agree with your article of the media twisting the Virginia Tech killer into a Media brain washing scheme. Cho, Hennard, and Witman have all been labeled murders. Their killings are the same. They started shooting without disregard for who the intended targets are. They were all sick people.Terrorists are people who cause fear and promote terror but unlike Cho, McVeigh (who the media labeled a terrorist) and the Muslim extremist who flew planes into two buildings did this as an act against a government and society. They also belong to a group who is struggling against a society and government. Also, John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo (both Muslim) were labeled as American Serial Killers. There were some references to keeping the D.C. area in a state of terror but no report that I have encountered ever labeled them as a terrorist. Dear Anonym

Killer vs. Terrorist

How come Cho Seung-Hui is a "Killer" and not a terrorist? Definition of Terrorist = a person who causes fear or terror. Is it because he wasn't Muslim he was just a killer...and not a terrorist? If running from classroom to classroom shooting at anything living isn't terrorism I don't know what is! His killing-spree was premeditated. Videos were sent out and they were full of hate. What is the difference between the videos he sent to American media and the ones sent to the Middle-Eastern media? Is it because it was sent to American media he wasn't a terrorist or is it all in the religion? No religion supports terrorism...No matter what the media is brain washing everyone to believe. It is amazing how the media twists information just enough to marginalize people and label them. History is repeating itself...and sadly we are repeating at the point of Nazi propaganda. The more they twist information the more they get people to hate one another.

Our Deepest Condolences to Virginia Tech

The Muslim Student Association of Virginia Tech For Immediate Release: How Waleed Shaalan saves a classmate's life Story is narrated by Dr. Hesham Rakha, a professor in the Civil Engineering Department. At this time, we DO NOT have the name of Waleed's classmate who survived. "I would like to share with you some additional information that I received from a colleague in the CEE Dept. This colleague of mine is the supervisor of a graduate student who was with Waleed in the class and survived the massacre. I should mention that the description is graphical so I apologize in advance. The student mentions that Waleed saved his life and wants to convey this to Waleed's family. Apparently, the murderer came into Norris 206 an