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Dear World

Dear Reader, This site is called "Just Ask A Muslim" for a reason.  This is a forum for us to have educated discussions about the world and its workings. A lot times we have no clue why things happen the way they happen, but there is something that I do know for sure...99% of Muslims are disgusted and plain out sick and tired for these one or two crazies coming out and smearing our name.  We are tired of the killing, we are tired of the hate, we are tired of the hostility, and above all we are tired of our religion being soiled by the dirty hands of these crazy people!  I was just listening to ABC News and they brought this BRILLIANT FBI Profiler (Dear GOD...we are ALL in a LOT of trouble if he profiles any living, walking creature!)...he said the following in regard to the 2nd "Suspect": "He's probably got a limited friend spread, but he may have additional ppl that are aligned with his Islamic, if that's the right term, bad side let's call i

Bombing in Boston Today

"It looked like Iraq" was the reflection a nurse gave on CNN tonight.  It's hard to understand what others go through their daily lives until it happens to us. I am the first to tell you that it is really hard to understand what people are going throughout the world day-to-day.  The fear of leaving their homes to only find death down the street and the sadness of losing loved ones, is not justified, for anyone, anywhere in the world. Killing innocent people is wrong in any religion.  It is not religion that dictates killing innocent people, it is the devil that leads men to think that it is right to do.  We need to think of humanity as a whole - for all of our similarities and not our differences.  If we start to think of others as our brothers and sisters in all of our humanness - then maybe we will start acting like creatures with minds, hearts with the dignity to make responsible decisions for the whole of humankind.  My truly heartfelt prayers go out to people in