Dear World

Dear Reader,

This site is called "Just Ask A Muslim" for a reason.  This is a forum for us to have educated discussions about the world and its workings. A lot times we have no clue why things happen the way they happen, but there is something that I do know for sure...99% of Muslims are disgusted and plain out sick and tired for these one or two crazies coming out and smearing our name.  We are tired of the killing, we are tired of the hate, we are tired of the hostility, and above all we are tired of our religion being soiled by the dirty hands of these crazy people!  I was just listening to ABC News and they brought this BRILLIANT FBI Profiler (Dear GOD...we are ALL in a LOT of trouble if he profiles any living, walking creature!)...he said the following in regard to the 2nd "Suspect":

"He's probably got a limited friend spread, but he may have additional ppl that are aligned with his Islamic, if that's the right term, bad side let's call it that." -- FBI Profiler, Brad Garrett

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this statement?!  Islamhas become tantamount to "bad"...there are many expletives I would like to use in this post...but's not becoming of an educated person. 

I'm not dilly dallying around this issue...I can't afford to...none of us can.  We can NOT continue to live in peace if we have NO peace in our hearts, no compassion, no understanding, and no tolerance.  I will reiterate this fact: Islam has NOTHING to do with the murderous, thoughtless, heartless, heinous acts of these people!  Enough is enough!  It is scary when a person is afraid to go to their local mosque or wear their headscarf for fear that they might be attacked.  It is enough for a mother or father to worry each time they step out the door dressed in Islamic attire with their children. 

We need to start SEEING Muslims as Muslims truly is time to SEE Muslim kids on cartoons that children watch is time to SEE Muslims doing the good that they do day-in day-out.  It is time to SEE your Muslim doctors and nurses, your first responders, your teachers, your neighbors, your fellow study-buddies, the beautiful Muslim kids that live on your street, it is time to SEE one another for our HUMANESS.

After 9/11 a lot of people asked why the Muslim community in America did not speak up...I'm here to tell you that we did...mosques ALL over the world we spoke up, but the hearing was selective.  I am here to say that as Muslims, everywhere, Islam means PEACE.  Some Muslims can be crap...some Muslims can be awesome...but in the end we are all human beings with our own baggage and stupidity.  Peace will never be achieved as long as we continue to scapegoat and marginalize people.  We'll continue to be suspicious, hate and build enmity and distrust.  Our children deserve a better future, we should demand it.  There are a whole LOT more GOOD people in this world than there are bad...remember that. 

Thank you for reading my tirade...I just needed to get that off my chest and into your perception. 

Spread Knowledge through Understanding
Stay Safe
And Peace to you all,

Mona Banawan


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