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From - Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple)

Alice Walker: Why I'm sailing to Gaza By Alice Walker , Special to CNN June 21, 2011 9:24 a.m. EDT STORY HIGHLIGHTS Our boat will be carrying letters of solidarity to the people of Gaza I am indebted to Jewish civil rights activists who came to the side of black people in the South in our time of need I see children, all children, as humanity's most precious resource If Israel attacks us, what is to be done? Editor's note: Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker will join an international flotilla of boats sailing to Gaza to challenge Israel's blockade of the territory. Here, Walker, best known for her 1983 novel "The Color Purple," explains why she will be taking part.  Why am I going on the Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza? I ask myself this, even though the answer is: What else would I do? I am in my sixty-seventh year, having lived already a long and fruitful life, one with which I am content. It seems to me t

CNN: Syria - Where Saving Children is an Act of Terrorism

Please watch. Viewer discretion is advised.  It's so sad that we have to say that when portraying someone else's reality...the pathetic part is, we are all just sitting here watching and saying how sad this all is....    La illaha illa Allah.