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An Article I found: "Mrs. Bush, We are All Palestinian Mothers" by Nahed Alsous

I realize that this article is a bit dated...but I believe that it's still very sadly relavant to the situation in Palestine and in all occupied and war-stricken regions of our world.  Read it and if you're touched enough to leave feedback, please do. ~Mona *** Mrs. Bush, We are All Palestinian Mothers by Nahed Alsous I read with great sadness the comments you made about your lack of sympathy for Palestinian mothers. Palestinian mothers live their lives in total misery, pain and fear for their children that are either hungry, in prison or may never return. They endure occupation, poverty, humiliation and the killing of their children and husbands, but they continue on. All of this pain is more bearable than the outright negation of their motherhood by comments like yours and those of our media. You say it is "so easy to empathize with Israeli families" that are afraid to send their children to a grocery store or bowling alley. What about innocen