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S.O.S - Caught in the Electronic Scramble

It's been a crazy couple of years for our world.  From the Egyptian Revolution (turned coup) to Snowden's huge reveal of NSA workings...what a world we live in...never a boring moment.  But in the middle of all this chaos and sometimes overwhelming flow of information, I think it's pertinent to sit back and breath.  Take in the peaceful non-voluntary aspects of the world...and just breath it all in.  The slow harmonious beating of  butterfly wings, the soft breeze as it twists through the trees, falling leaves, a sleeping child's breath, sand melting away footsteps, the stars shining ever so gently in and out as you stare up at them.  Sometimes we need to disconnect and actually feel these things.  Some people would think it foolishly a waste of time to stop for things that are always happening around us, but others would think to be more grateful for these little things that we take for granted. We are constantly sitting in front of lit screens, waiting for someth