S.O.S - Caught in the Electronic Scramble

It's been a crazy couple of years for our world.  From the Egyptian Revolution (turned coup) to Snowden's huge reveal of NSA workings...what a world we live in...never a boring moment.  But in the middle of all this chaos and sometimes overwhelming flow of information, I think it's pertinent to sit back and breath. 

Take in the peaceful non-voluntary aspects of the world...and just breath it all in.  The slow harmonious beating of  butterfly wings, the soft breeze as it twists through the trees, falling leaves, a sleeping child's breath, sand melting away footsteps, the stars shining ever so gently in and out as you stare up at them.  Sometimes we need to disconnect and actually feel these things.  Some people would think it foolishly a waste of time to stop for things that are always happening around us, but others would think to be more grateful for these little things that we take for granted.

We are constantly sitting in front of lit screens, waiting for something miraculous to happen...I guess...but what are we waiting for?  What are we just staring at these devices doing exactly?  Are we waiting for a divine message to float through the air waves and hit us in the heads...are we waiting for the Fountain of Youth to spring forth?  What is it that takes us away from our everyday lives and keeps us under lock and key? When the phone makes a single sound, we jump to see what message it has brought us.  In this instantaneous world we live in, sometimes it's just good to sit back and wait for something to happen.  Sometimes it's best to learn to be patient and wait for a letter to come by snail mail, or a package to end up at the front door.  Just the other day my children received letters in the mail. If you only could see the excitement in their eyes as they opened letters from the MAILBOX, the actual MAILBOX from their friends in another state!  It was so refreshing to see the exuberance at getting an actual letter!  It was sadly amazing.

As I look into the eyes of my kids, I realize that these eyes will not always look at me in the same light.  I realize that these little eyes will grow to one day be big adult eyes that will mirror our upbringing of them.  It scares me to think of how fast time flies by, and how fast it keeps on moving.  As a reminder to myself, first and foremost, these electronics, the news, the tragedy of world happenings, will always be here (not unless we live in a world like in 'Revolution' where all the power goes out for good), my little ones won't be so little forever and I will not be young forever. The screen might have a lot of insight into the world we live in, but in all honesty, it has no insight into the eyes of my little darlings.

Remember Family first...the rest will come :)

Knowledge through Understanding,
Peace to you All

Mona Banawan  


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