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American Muslims: Facts vs. Fiction

In My Head

I am a teacher. I teach love. I teach acceptance. I teach humility. I teach tolerance. I teach Muslim kids. I watch the news and I see people impersonating my people. I see people killing other people. I see people demanding that we apologize for what the impersonators have committed. I see the terrorists.  They don’t look like us.  They don’t speak like us. They don’t dress like us. They don’t believe the way we believe.  They don't SEE us. They want to kill us because we are not like them. We will never be like them. We believe in peace. They believe in violence. We believe in a Merciful God. They believe in a vengeful rendition of a god.  We are Muslim. They are ISIS. They are Islamophobes. They are one-in-the-same. We are not them. They are not us. They are the Pamela Gellers, Donald Trumps, Ben Carsons, Robert Spencers, Daniel Pipes, Michael Savages, they are the unmasked ISIS of our world. We are not them.