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In My Head

I am a teacher.
I teach love.
I teach acceptance.
I teach humility.
I teach tolerance.
I teach Muslim kids.

I watch the news and I see people impersonating my people.
I see people killing other people.
I see people demanding that we apologize for what the impersonators have committed.
I see the terrorists. 

They don’t look like us. 
They don’t speak like us.
They don’t dress like us.
They don’t believe the way we believe. 
They don't SEE us.
They want to kill us because we are not like them.

We will never be like them.
We believe in peace.

They believe in violence.

We believe in a Merciful God.

They believe in a vengeful rendition of a god. 

We are Muslim.

They are ISIS.
They are Islamophobes.
They are one-in-the-same.

We are not them.

They are not us.
They are the Pamela Gellers, Donald Trumps, Ben Carsons, Robert Spencers, Daniel Pipes, Michael Savages, they are the unmasked ISIS of our world.

We are not them.

They are not us. 

We are human.

They are monsters.

God protect humankind from them and their hate.

We will never be them.

They will never be us.

They will be marked in history as bigots, racists and killers.

We refuse to be marked as victims.
We refuse to falter under their spite. 
We are Muslim.
We are stronger than them.

They are the monsters.

We are not them.

They are not us.
They are the unmasked ISIS of our world.

God will protect us.
We don’t fear the terrorists.

They should fear us.

And by the Will of God, we will prevail.

Peace and strength be with you all,


  1. Jenny BouderdabenSunday, November 22, 2015

    Very well said. I feel the same way. Another thing that is getting on my nerves is that ppl who support the uncreative #alllivesmatter ( or detractors of the race problems we have in America, as I call them) are saying by telling ppl to "pray for the world, not just Paris" as support for their claims to legitimize their "cause" ( which, if they want to negate #blacklivesmatter then their claim would be that whites are suffering from police brutality and excessive force just as much as blacks or ppl of color, and we have statistics to show that this is NOT true), how are they connecting police violence in the US to terrorism happening in Beruit, Syria, Paris, and now France's bombing of Mali?
    Their claim that telling ppl to pray for the world is being twisted to validate their "point" that all lives matter BUT THEY MISS THE POINT THAT THEY ONLY PAID ATTENTION TO THE TERRORIST ATTACKS WHEN EUROPEAN, WHITE LIVES WERE TAKEN! This is why I urged ppl to stop using the 3 colors of France on their profiles not bc the Parisians don't deserve our help and support for what they suffered, but we have to help oppressors to stop oppressing. If we all start looking inside of ourselves and start practicing our basic tenants that tell us to treat others as we want to be treated, then we would be respecting all lives and NOT placing one life over another.

  2. This is a beautifully written piece!! "We are stronger than them." Yes we are!


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