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Fathers and mothers beg for the safety of their children. They implore religious leaders if killing their children would be permissible to save them from rape and murder Our purest of pure, this is their reality Hate infiltrating their places of peace among the rubble Wondering how they will ever escape Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of safety They cuddle in their protectors’ arms The arms of protectors that feel that they have failed their little ones “Why did I even have you? I am so sorry that I brought you into this world.” When will their lives change? Exhausted and cold The soldiers are coming today There is no celebrating “They should be our peace” “Instead they are our end” Realizing that the only way for change is for death to knock on their doors Across the lands and over the seas, people sit and watch in disbelief They listen to the story of these people, dispossessed and slaughtered Hearts aching to help, not knowing how Screaming across their screens with words o