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Joseph Stack was a Terrorist.

Dear Anonymous, I wrote a blog on this topic a few years ago when the Virginia Tech shootings took place. I think that the main difference here is that the man that flew into the building actually had years upon years of hatred building towards the government, namely the IRS. I think that it is a lot easier for people to call Muslims "terrorists" because 1. If you are Muslim than that's it (how many times has any one Muslim been accused of terrorist activity and NOT been linked to Al-Qaida?) 2. Islam's beauty is in its diversity...unfortunately this leads to the idea that any one from any country can EASILY be accused of having links with the crazy people out there just because they are Muslim. I have a few things to say on this topic. Muslims following Islamic principles are the BEST citizens any civilization will ever see. As Muslims we need to wake up and remember our roots of enlightenment and knowledge. We need to make the places that we are all in bet

"Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?"

There is only one thing for sure in our lives; and that is that we are all destined to die. How we live our lives is a choice that we individually make. This deciding factor either makes us live life with happiness written on our faces (albeit, life is never always smiles) or with sadness and stress as our trademarks. Sometimes it's hard to believe that someone else might be enduring more hardship than you, but as Dr. Seuss wrote in "Did I Ever Tell you How Lucky You Are" When you think things are bad, when you feel sour and blue, when you start to get mad... you should do what I do! Just tell yourself, Duckie, you're really quite luck! Some poeple are much more... oh, ever so much more... oh, muchly much-much more unlucky than you! I love this book because it really hits on points that we struggle with all of our lives. We might think life for other people is bliss, but wa

The Power of a Smile...

I was at a gas station today and I heard this man cussing up a storm. I was a little shaken when I saw this because 1. He had the most horrible expression on his face and 2. The person he was cussing at was a woman that looked so forlorn I felt sorry for her. So what can happen in a person's life to make them hate the living so badly? I was a little scared to tell you the truth. A person that angry should not be driving or influencing a driver. I have kids man...these things tend to get you in ways they never did before. The moral of the story is...just think of the beauty you spread through just a little smile and purity of heart...the world would be a lot more at ease. I guess having braces helps with the whole smile as wide as you can...because sometimes if you stop half way you can actually hurt yourself. Smile wide and real purty now! Cheese! Oh, and what simple and great form of charity!

Me, my darling 4 yr. old, and Ms. Rosa Parks

So, this past week my daughter and I were working on a school project for her Pre-K class. Yes, I know a four year old doing a project?! Yes, she has had a few this year, and for this I am thankful. She is learning the fundamental elements of research, story-telling and presenting her thoughts in a most eloquent manner  I taught her about Rosa Parks, and she devoured the story. She was so upset that people could be treated so unjustly. You should have seen the relief in her eyes when she learned that Ms. Rosa finally got to sit in the front with everyone else. As I was telling her this story, I couldn't help but feel teary-eyed (and no, it had nothing to do with my allergies). This didn't happen very long ago. As a civilization we have come a long way. She fought along with countless others for what they believed in. A lot of times we get too comfortable in the skin that we're in to realize what others might be going through. All in all, I was seriously


I have been around for 29 years. I think it is about time for me to be true to my identity. I have lived a lot of my life wondering whether I belong in Egypt (where my family is originally from) or whether I belong in America. I have to say that after these 29 years...drum roll please...the result of all my contemplation is that I belong in America...because, guess what, I am American, and I have always been. How do you know when you belong to a place? You know when you actually miss that place when you're not there. I miss America when I'm not here. I feel obligated to making this country the best country in the world because I am a citizen of this country. Just as my ancesters cared about their motherlands, I too want the best for my home. Ahh how peaceful my soul has become after the verdict of belonging some place. Pretty refreshing if you ask me :) I'm sure you can relate.