Joseph Stack was a Terrorist.

Dear Anonymous,

I wrote a blog on this topic a few years ago when the Virginia Tech shootings took place. I think that the main difference here is that the man that flew into the building actually had years upon years of hatred building towards the government, namely the IRS.

I think that it is a lot easier for people to call Muslims "terrorists" because 1. If you are Muslim than that's it (how many times has any one Muslim been accused of terrorist activity and NOT been linked to Al-Qaida?) 2. Islam's beauty is in its diversity...unfortunately this leads to the idea that any one from any country can EASILY be accused of having links with the crazy people out there just because they are Muslim.

I have a few things to say on this topic.

Muslims following Islamic principles are the BEST citizens any civilization will ever see. As Muslims we need to wake up and remember our roots of enlightenment and knowledge. We need to make the places that we are all in better just because we BELONG where we are.

Too long have we victimized is time to take action and remember what we're here for.

I do agree that the definition of "terrorist" has changed in the eyes of many people. There is not a group of people that everyone can target their anger and disgust at...therefore, the man was just a disgruntled "pilot"...nothing more, nothing less. As a Muslim, I am disgusted that these are the terms only seem to apply to the crazy people that have hijacked our beautiful religion.

Joseph Stack was a TERRORIST.


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