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Sister Rose Hamid

Hello, hello! Hopefully you have all heard about Sr. Rose Hamid's amazing act of bravery at Trump's rally on Friday, January 8.  My aunt posted a CNN video clip in her last post, but here's the link to the clip and the accompanying article: So, right off the bat: I don't like Donald Trump.  And you can tell him I said that, I really don't care.  Setting that aside for a moment, I'm going to explain what exactly occurred in Friday's rally, just in case the link didn't work, or you were just too lazy to click it.  Which is fine, we all have our lazy days.  Sr. Rose Hamid of Charlotte, NC attended a Donald Trump rally in Rock Hill, SC, which isn't too far from Charlotte.  She was standing silently in the crowd wearing a shirt that said "Salam, I come in peace," as well as a star saying Muslim, similar to what the Jews wore during the Holocaust, as well as t