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Responses from the Imam

Dear All, I needed further elaboration on these topics I asked Imam Islam Mossaad, from the North Austin Muslim Community Center for help. Post from Akshay: Mona, From what I have read from history books and the current media, Islam is full of jihadic aggression. Islam commands its followers to make war with people who do not believe in Islam. This has not been the case with a majority of the world's religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Baha'i, etc.). Does Islam want war with people who don't believe in Islam? If Islam is really worried about the nonbelievers, it should convince them peacefully, not by jihad.My question to you is whether Mohammed himself stood for concepts like jihad and terrorism or was he a spiritual person who only asked his believers to defend themselves from the attacks of others (i.e., with the people of Mecca/Medina, when he was trying to convert them)?If Mohammed was really a peaceful person, then it is clear that Islam is not what Mo