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CNN's "'What's Christmas without Chopsticks?' How other faiths celebrate December 25th"

Image from (CNN) - Two days before Christmas, Imam Mohamed Magid, the executive director at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society , preached about Jesus at Friday prayers. "We live in a country with a majority of Christians, where Christmas is a major holiday... It's a reminder we do believe in Jesus. Jesus' position in Islam is one of the highest prophets in Islam," Magid said, adding that Muslims view Jesus as a prophet on par with Abraham, Moses, Noah and Mohammad. Often when he says the name of Mohammad or Jesus in conversation, Magid adds the Islamic honorific "Peace be upon him" after his name. "Jesus is a unifying figure, unifying Muslims and Christians," he said. The Quran, the Islamic scriptures, makes specific mention of Jesus and of his mother Mary. "It's very interesting that there are many places where the prophet (Mohammad) is quoting Jesus." Christmas has a way of bleeding into

"The Muslim Story of Christmas" by Hesham A. Hassaballa (Washington Post)

This was published on the Washington Post a few days ago.  I agree with the majority of this article, but I don't agree that as Muslims we reflect on Jesus (Peace be upon Him) exclusively during this holiday season.  As Muslims we reflect on all of our Prophets throughout the year.  Something that people tend not to realize is, Christmas is not Christmas all over the world.  The Coptic Christmas for example is on the 7th of January every year...not the 25th of December. Regardless to all of that, I wish you all the happiest of holidays.  Read the story below because it really does explain, in simple form, the story of our Beloved Jesus (PBUH) and his Mother Maryam (or Mary).  Picture from The Muslim story of Christmas By Hesham A. Hassaballa She was alone, as she was wont to do, worshiping in the eastern section of the temple. Suddenly, she was startled by a strange presence: a man with whom she was not familiar. “I seek refuge from thee with the Most Gra

My Beloved Egypt...Keep Fighting for What is Right!

Change takes a lot of effort, time and perseverance.  You have been in my constant thoughts and prayers my Beloved Motherland.  It is sad what you will have to endure to become the nation that you rightfully deserve to be.  May Allah (God) be with every nation that is fighting for its independence from despots and dictators, Allahuma Ameen!

CNN: Syria (12/21/2011)

Taken from the Barbara Walter's Interview (on 12/7/2011):   Assad: What's important how the Syrian people look at you, not how you look at yourself. So I don't have to look at myself. This is... second, it's about the system. You have a dictator and you have dictatorship, there's a big difference between the two, dictatorship is about the system, we never said we are democratic country, but we're not the same, we-- we are moving forward in, in reforms, especially during the last nine month, so I think we are moving forward, it takes a long time, it takes a lot of maturity to be full fledge democratic country, but we are moving that, that direction, for me as a person, whatever I do should be based on the will of the people, because you need popular legitimacy and this is against dictatorship for person.

Presenting Bashar Al Assad: The Most Confusing President/Dictator/Scapegoat Killer in the World

Can you imagine Bashar Al Assad as your Optometrist?  You'd come out of your appointment permanently cross-eyed with some sort mental disorder. Trying to follow this interview was like riding an out-of-control roller coaster! For the People of Syria, I am very sorry you have been under this "Dr.'s care" for so many years. He has diverted ALL the blame for the torture, killing and injustice that has inflicted his people at HIS hands and slapped it in everyone's faces. Here's the interview with Barbara Walters and Bashar Al-Assad on December 7, 2011: video platform video management video solutions video player

Don't Fire Muslims for Being Muslim - A Change.Org Petition against Whole Foods

Dear Whole Foods, When I think of Whole Foods, I think of openness and progressive values. That's exactly what Glenn Mack, Jr. thought when he applied there for employment. But everything changed once his supervisor learned he practiced the Muslim faith. In 2008, Glenn Mack, Jr. was hired at a Whole Foods and quickly ascended as an employee, earning accolades from employee of the quarter to a special meeting with CEO and founder John Mackey. In November of 2009, Mr. Mack was recruited to the Philadelphia, PA store located in the trendy art museum district. In August 2010, Glenn submitted a request, well in advance, to take 3 weeks off for vacation in November. His request was approved without issue. As November approached, his immediate supervisor asked where he was going. Glenn said he had been saving up to travel to the holy city of Mecca in order to perform the Muslim pilgrimage, a once in a lifetime opportunity. His supervisor was shocked to learn he w

"Seeking Peace" - A book by Hazem Said and Maha Ezzeddine

Dear Reader, I recently reviewed a book titled "Seeking Peace".  It is a simple read that can change your outlook on life.  Please take some time to visit  to consider purchasing your copy today.     For more information visit:   My Review: "A contribution to the world of self-discovery and understanding" As a blogger and a person that deeply believes that one of the main ways change happens is at the tip of a pen, “Seeking Peace” is a book that truly contributes to the world of self-discovery and understanding. People of all nationalities and religions live their lives day-in day-out in search of peace. This book explores different aspects of peace, from the micro to the macro aspects of society. Said and Ezzeddine make a great team in collecting the words of Prophet Mohammad and reflecting upon them in terms of everyday life. ”Seeking Peace” is written in simple English,

Bigotry and the Dehumanization of the American-Muslim

I am not the biggest fan of “The All-American Muslim”. I believe that this show is not out there to become a favorite. I believe the show is out there to make a difference in this diversely-challenged world we are living in. The personalities of this reality show are not your typical everyday Muslims. There are a lot of Muslims like them, but there are so many more colors and tastes to the beautiful diversity of Muslims in the US. This being said, I am a fan of “The All-American Muslim” because of the stereotypes it is attempting to diffuse of American-Muslims. God forbid that the general American public wouldn’t perceive ALL Muslims as terrorists and haters of freedom. Bertrand Russell said, "The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd”. For all the companies that are pulling their ads because they are following the bigoted zombies of our society, I say you are only attracting the scum of our social order to be your suppor

From SignOn.Org: Repudiate Calls to Stop Advertisin​g on TLC's "All-Ameri​can Muslim

Hello, When TLC first announced the launching of the "All-American Muslim" reality show in July of this year, it quickly landed on the radar of the fringe anti-Islam/Islamophobia industry here in the United States. These are the same people who successfully attacked Whole Foods and Campbell's Soup for introducing a Halal line of products, targeted to practicing American Muslims, and whose bigoted activities are well-documented in a report published by the Center for American Progress titled "Fear, Inc."  These groups, spearheaded by the likes of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of "Stop the Islamization of America," and others, acted swiftly to hijack the public platform created by the show, so that they could spew hatred of the most heinous and reprehensible kind against Muslims and Islam, all while selling books and speeches calling to their fringe cause. "All-American Muslim" premiered in November to critical acclaim from The New York

Conservatives, Israel and Me

After September 11th, 2001, I believe our maturity as a nation has evolved. Voting is not just voting anymore. Political parties mean something. I daresay that a person’s political party might mean more to some people than religion. A few nights ago, I was listening to NPR and they were speaking about the Right-Wing Republican Presidential nominees and how much they LOVE Israel. This sets my teeth on edge! I wonder how much more beneficial it would be to our country to befriend ALL the Arab nations in the Middle East? They cracked down on Obama for “not being a friend of Israel”…but sometimes being a REAL friend means to tell that person/entity when they are doing something wrong. I don’t know why displacing, killing and basically ethnically cleansing a nation is OK by anyone’s standards. The Holocaust for the Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and others lasted a total of 7 years. The Holocaust for Palestinians has lasted over 60 years. Our undying support of Israel is like supporting, e

And the Conservative Right-Wing Brown-Nosing Continues...

Newt Gingrich does not deserve a post. He is a complete moron to even think the thought that the Palestinians are "invented". So here are the rest of the idiots that I hope to GOD will not be our next President! Ps. Please note that my post in no way reflects the thoughts and opinions of all Muslims. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c The Matzorian Candidate Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog The Daily Show on Facebook

Sen. Ted Lieu today calls on CEO of Lowe's home-improvement chain to apologize to American Muslims for 'bigoted, shameful' actions

Dear Reader, This Senator Ted Lieu's response to Lowe's (Home Improvement) stance against advertising during the "All-American Muslim" series on TLC. I have to say that I am really happy that people still have their heads on straight. Thank you Senator Lieu. We cannot live our lives in fear and hatred. This is not what God wants for any of us. This is not what we want for ourselves. The only way we will ever understand one other is through open-mindedness and logic. We MUST open our eyes and hearts if we ever want a better future for our children. Please note that this is from his official website at Peace be with you and remember...knowledge only comes through understanding. ~Mona ____ December 10, 2011 Boycott and ‘legislative remedies’ will be sought if no apology Sen. Lieu says Lowe’s pulling of TV ads from TLC show about Muslims is bigoted, shameful and un-American SACRAMENTO – State Sen. Ted W. Lieu, D-Torranc

A question about Hand Chopping and Islam

I’m happy that this question was posted because it can help delineate certain misconceptions of Islam. Here’s the question from Anonymous: Here is a question that Muslims on other forum seem to keep avoiding: How many hands are chopped off of thieves in Muslim countries. Take Arabia, Iran and Oman for example. Is it one hand chopped off last year? Is it one hand chopped off in the last twenty years? Or is it ten hands chopped off last year? What is it? My logical question back would be, how many people were killed unjustly on Death Row in these past 5 years in Texas alone? I believe that corporal punishment is drastic at any measure, but death is the ultimate retribution. Ever think of how much better it might be to lose your hand over your life? I’m just talking logic here. These people that you refer to in your post are walking warnings to everyone around them that stealing is a bad idea. Seriously speaking…can you guess how many people are walking around the Middle East one han

Always Being Watched

Whether you believe in God or not, you know that there is always someone watching you. Even when you’re alone, someone can see you. If you believe in God then you almost surely know that He does see you. If you believe in conspiracies and this world and this life is the “be-all, end all”, then you know that the Government or extraterrestrials are watching. If none of these apply – then may your heart guide you to what is right. My point in writing this entry is to remind myself and you that SOMEONE is ALWAYS watching. As teenagers we grow up with this peculiar certainty that we are invincible. We can do what we want to do, and if we’re caught we’ll think up something clever and get away with it. If we’re not – keep on livin’. What if what you’re doing is something really bad? Would you want to die in the presence of such vileness? We justify what we do whether it is right or wrong, but imagine dying in that state. I know I just said that…but seriously think. What if we were to die i