"Seeking Peace" - A book by Hazem Said and Maha Ezzeddine

Dear Reader,

I recently reviewed a book titled "Seeking Peace".  It is a simple read that can change your outlook on life. 

Please take some time to visit http://seekingpeace.ihsanonline.org/ to consider purchasing your copy today. 

For more information visit: http://seekingpeace.ihsanonline.org/

 My Review:
"A contribution to the world of self-discovery and understanding"

As a blogger and a person that deeply believes that one of the main ways change happens is at the tip of a pen, “Seeking Peace” is a book that truly contributes to the world of self-discovery and understanding. People of all nationalities and religions live their lives day-in day-out in search of peace. This book explores different aspects of peace, from the micro to the macro aspects of society. Said and Ezzeddine make a great team in collecting the words of Prophet Mohammad and reflecting upon them in terms of everyday life.

”Seeking Peace” is written in simple English, it is light and easy to read. The chapters are like a whisper, guiding the reader to look deeper beyond the words and into life itself. While reading it I could not help but think of how important it was for me to take in the words beyond the pages. Life is full of turmoil and worry, to appreciate life one must find peace beyond the mundane. I highly recommend this book for anyone needing a beneficial and easy read.

Mona Banawan

Freelance Editor and Blogger at JustAskAMuslim.com


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