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Islam: How Beautiful It Is - A Poem by Abeer Elkhouly

Oh, how I wish everyone could see ... Your beauty and the meaning you give to me. If everyone could see the strength and courage you give, Then to everyone life would be worth it to live. Why do they defile you so? Do not they read and learn to know? Oh how beautiful you are to me; if only everyone else could see. You yourself have never done wrong, And for this reason, you will remain strong. No matter what the people who know not say, Strong and encouraging is how you will stay. You’ve been my rock in good times and in bad; And for that, I couldn’t be more glad. Oh, how beautiful and dear you are to me; if only everyone else could see. Peace is one of your meanings, and through you peace is attained. One day the End will come, and some will wish they had remained. But I hope everyone sees the beauty in you before the coming of that day. So the best advice one could give is….don’t delay.

Just a Thought

Denying the Holocaust is to Jews, as Insulting Prophet Mohammed is to Muslims.  Agree or disagree and why.

Freedom of Speech...or What Do You Think??

Axis Of Evil - Dean Obeidallah (Part 1 of 2)

Post from Anonymous: CNN's "Unwelcome: the Muslims Next Door"

  Anonymous Writes: I see you feel pain, but all is relative. Be happy. Thank God that you dont feel the pain that procecuted christians in their home land Somalia feel dayly, nor the pain of Copts in their home land Egypt. You are just feeling the pain of a spectator. Thank God, be happy, 5x dayly at least       Dear Anonymous,   I am very thankful to God for everything He has ever bestowed on me. I have to say that your comment about being a spectator is not really a fact. If you watched CNN's "Unwelcome: the Muslims Next Door" you would have known that prejudice and mistreatment is a sad reality for many Muslims in the US.  This is not to say that we are forlorn...but we do need to make it an issue. If this type of treatment is ignored than we are destined to face what the rest of the world is facing in terms of racism and Islamophobia.  We have to educate others about our religion and also to let them know that it is not ok to hate us because of ou

An Excerpt from "Strait Talk for Young Adult - Insult and Injury" by Abdul Aziz Ahmed.

I thought this would help further explain what I mean by conducting ourselves in a moral and humane manner in terms of what is going on in the world.  I found this article at . Please read it and pass on this information.  World peace can only be accomplished if we believe in it and spread the world. Peace be with You, ~Mona _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Patience, humility, and magnanimity, are three lessons, that together they contribute to the elevation of our character and the development of a moral framework by which we may distinguish ourselves from others as the slaves of Allah. Insult and Injury   "And the slaves of the All-Merciful are those who walk upon earth modestly. And when the ignorant address them, they speak in words of peace" [ Quran 25:63 ] The desire to belong can be great. The pow

Questions from Carmen regarding the Protests and Honor

Dear representative of "Just Ask a Muslim" Question 1: What is more important in Islam as dictated by the Qur'an: To defend the honor of the prophet or a human life? Honestly these two have nothing to do with each other. We should not have to choose between honoring our Prophet and saving a life. The Prophet (PBUH) never fought to protect his own "honor" he fought to protect the honor of Islam. There are many stories that illustrate this throughout his life. Question 2: What is more important in Islam as dictated by the Qur'an: To defend the honor of the prophet or to preserve peace? To preserve peace. The Prophet (PBUH) was not a vain man.  He was a complete man that was sure of who he was.  He never needed anyone to preserve his honor...he was given all honor from Allah (SWT).  He was never in need of human approval, only that of Allah (SWT). In order for us to preserve his (PBUH)'s honor we must act upon his sunnah (example) and his ex

Just Ask A Muslim on the Arab World's Protest to a Stupid "Man's" movie

As I sit watching the uprisings all over the Arab world, I can’t but help think of how ridiculous it all is.   More than ridiculous, it’s plain out sad.   I am greatly saddened by all the life that is being lost to complete and utter stupidity. Islam is a religion of peace. Everyone has heard this, yet why aren’t Muslims acting peaceful?   You know in Kung Fu Panda 2, when Po is looking for “inner peace” – we as Muslims and human beings in general lack that “inner peace”. This peace that I speak of, is the peace that our beautiful religion of Islam, should bring about in our hearts.   Instead, a lot of times, our hearts are too full of pride, malice and ego to actually FEEL what peace really means. Our Prophet (PBUH) was ridiculed, beaten up, ostracized, and boycotted – by his own people, what did the Muslims of that time do? Did they blindly retaliate or did they EDUCATE?   Through patience and strength they educated the people and led through example.   What is happening in t