Questions from Carmen regarding the Protests and Honor

Dear representative of "Just Ask a Muslim"

Question 1: What is more important in Islam as dictated by the Qur'an: To defend the honor of the prophet or a human life?

Honestly these two have nothing to do with each other. We should not have to choose between honoring our Prophet and saving a life. The Prophet (PBUH) never fought to protect his own "honor" he fought to protect the honor of Islam. There are many stories that illustrate this throughout his life.

Question 2: What is more important in Islam as dictated by the Qur'an: To defend the honor of the prophet or to preserve peace?
To preserve peace. The Prophet (PBUH) was not a vain man.  He was a complete man that was sure of who he was.  He never needed anyone to preserve his honor...he was given all honor from Allah (SWT).  He was never in need of human approval, only that of Allah (SWT). In order for us to preserve his (PBUH)'s honor we must act upon his sunnah (example) and his example was to live a life of peace. This issue that has sprouted up is not an issue even worthy of the bottom end of his cloak. This is a trivial and silly matter that does not deserve these physically dangerous and sometimes murderous actions. Our religion is a religion of peace. We worship Allah (SWT) and love our Prophet (PBUH). We must act in a manner worthy of his (PBUH)'s example, for he is the only one that will intercede for us on the Day or Judgement.

Question 3: Are there contradictions in the Qur'an regarding questions 1 & 2?
No there are not.

Question 4: Do any sahih ahadith contradict the answers to questions 1 & 2.
No there are not.

Thank you for your time.
You are most welcome. Thank you for coming by my blog.

ps. Please note that I am not in anyway taking the issue of defaming our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) lightly.  I am just using reason to the best of my ability.  Please note that all of the above are the perspective of the author. I in no way represent all's just a taste of what some Muslims think.


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