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Why Do You Wear Hijaab?

Anonymous said... today a lady stopped me and told me that my head scarf and my clothes were contradicting. is that a sign? 9:26 AM Amaana03 replied: Do you think that what she said had merit? If you feel that what you were wearing today was not 100% reflecting piety, modesty and purity...then maybe it wasn't the best outfit to wear. Hijaab is not just something that we wear on the is also on the have to make sure that you have that same purity on your insides...we are in continuous struggle to do this. I have to admit...this happens to ALL of us...sometimes you just feel that what you are wearing isn't kind of feel a little exposed. I have to say though...if you have felt exposed once and then the next time you wore the same or similar outfit...then maybe you are making it easier and easier for yourself to wear what you shouldn't. A lot of times we want to fit into this society without really knowing it (s

Life On Earth...

A lot of times we forget why we are put on this Earth... A lot of times we don't know why we are here on Earth... For me...Islam is the answer... For me...I know why I am here... *** The other day I was in the mall with my little daughter...I took her to the "family restroom" - now, this restroom is made for FAMILIES...not for MAKING families...I was in there with my child and all of a sudden there was a rapping on my "chamber door"...I told them "just one second"...when I opened the "chamber door" there were two ravens sitting on the couch singing "nevermore" to their purity. A girl and a guy of about 14 or 15 were sitting waiting for this ONE person stall - this ONE person stall found in this ONE family restroom. I was utterly disgusted and my eyes were forced open to see that no matter how innocent we might think this world isn't...because the young have lost all innocence. We can't lose hope but we hav

Turning Point

I wear the veil called the Hijaab “Come on, let’s go…no one’s looking,” he says with a jab As he runs for the door…I feel something hit me in the heart I was forgetting who I was raised to be from the very start I wear this veil so that you won’t see my hair Here you are trying to see my whole body - is that fair? Protecting myself - is most dear What you bid fills me with fear You were my friend, I thought I could trust you to the very end But girls and guys can hardly stay friends, When one is weak and the other bends If behind you I follow, to Hell I may wallow If I end up doing what you intend, I will be most hollow Why should I sell myself cheap? When Heaven is the reward I wish to reap? We live in a world that treasures all sorts of cleavage Partying is a way of life and flirtation is a type of leverage We get around on our good looks What about our minds that have been devoid of books? This Hijaab is my vindication For people see who I am and my dedication “I will no