Turning Point

I wear the veil called the Hijaab
“Come on, let’s go…no one’s looking,” he says with a jab

As he runs for the door…I feel something hit me in the heart
I was forgetting who I was raised to be from the very start

I wear this veil so that you won’t see my hair
Here you are trying to see my whole body - is that fair?

Protecting myself - is most dear
What you bid fills me with fear

You were my friend,
I thought I could trust you to the very end

But girls and guys can hardly stay friends,
When one is weak and the other bends

If behind you I follow, to Hell I may wallow
If I end up doing what you intend, I will be most hollow

Why should I sell myself cheap?
When Heaven is the reward I wish to reap?

We live in a world that treasures all sorts of cleavage
Partying is a way of life and flirtation is a type of leverage

We get around on our good looks
What about our minds that have been devoid of books?

This Hijaab is my vindication
For people see who I am and my dedication

“I will not give you my purity” I reply
“My love - to you I will deny

For all you wish is something you can get in an easy dish
You may think me beautiful, but if I follow I will only end up smelling like dead fish

On the bottom of the ocean of life
To be ashamed of myself - scared with a knife

At school I will be cool
But at heart will be like an old mule

I may be your first kiss but not your last
Brother…I ain’t that fast

I was given a gift from God
No one can have it, not even with a stupid nod

Flattery is not the key
With the grace of God - only the best can have me...

I am a precious jewel
I am not for you fool

You acted like my friend
Because you THOUGHT to me you could tend

I am a Muslim - and back to God is my quest
I will pass this test and only with God will I find rest..."

Image Created by: Asia Alfasi


  1. the poem is very cute and alittle funny, but very true.
    i like it alot.
    <3 esra


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