Islam: How Beautiful It Is - A Poem by Abeer Elkhouly

Oh, how I wish everyone could see...
Your beauty and the meaning you give to me.
If everyone could see the strength and courage you give,
Then to everyone life would be worth it to live.

Why do they defile you so?
Do not they read and learn to know?
Oh how beautiful you are to me; if only everyone else could see.

You yourself have never done wrong,
And for this reason, you will remain strong.
No matter what the people who know not say,
Strong and encouraging is how you will stay.
You’ve been my rock in good times and in bad;
And for that, I couldn’t be more glad.
Oh, how beautiful and dear you are to me; if only everyone else could see.

Peace is one of your meanings, and through you peace is attained.
One day the End will come, and some will wish they had remained.
But I hope everyone sees the beauty in you before the coming of that day.
So the best advice one could give is….don’t delay.


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