Just Ask A Muslim on the Arab World's Protest to a Stupid "Man's" movie

As I sit watching the uprisings all over the Arab world, I can’t but help think of how ridiculous it all is.  More than ridiculous, it’s plain out sad.  I am greatly saddened by all the life that is being lost to complete and utter stupidity.

Islam is a religion of peace. Everyone has heard this, yet why aren’t Muslims acting peaceful?  You know in Kung Fu Panda 2, when Po is looking for “inner peace” – we as Muslims and human beings in general lack that “inner peace”. This peace that I speak of, is the peace that our beautiful religion of Islam, should bring about in our hearts.  Instead, a lot of times, our hearts are too full of pride, malice and ego to actually FEEL what peace really means. Our Prophet (PBUH) was ridiculed, beaten up, ostracized, and boycotted – by his own people, what did the Muslims of that time do? Did they blindly retaliate or did they EDUCATE?  Through patience and strength they educated the people and led through example.  What is happening in the world today is a disgrace to Islam and to Muslims.  Our religion is a beautiful and strong religion, with strong principles and guidance leading us, why then are we acting like bands of ravenous monkeys?

Yes, the movie was bad (or so they say…I don’t want to give it anymore views) but it was written by a complete dysfunctional human being with hatred running through his veins. He was not in any way a representative of our beautiful America.  As Americans, we believe in freedom of expression, but how far can one person’s freedom last till it haphazardly runs over into others autonomy? We have to think of these things when dealing with the world.  The man that put this vile piece of a “movie” out there never thought of anyone, including himself, when deciding to upload his “work” (I use that word very loosely).

Please understand that Muslims of sound judgment and logic strongly CONDEMN all of the violence around the world. No nation or people should have to suffer for the ignorance of one “man”. 

Peace be with you all,



  1. I actually watch a part of the movie, it is a big disgrace. Although, I do agree that the answer is to educate and not to go out killing people and causing all these riots. The fact that Muslims all over the world are acting the way they are only plays into the plans of the creator of this and all the other means of ridiculing our prophet (PBUH). Muslims need to think and use their heads before reacting to situations such as this rather than retaliating based solely on first instinct.


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