Post from Anonymous: CNN's "Unwelcome: the Muslims Next Door"

Anonymous Writes:
I see you feel pain, but all is relative. Be happy.

Thank God that you dont feel the pain that procecuted christians in their home land Somalia feel dayly, nor the pain of Copts in their home land Egypt.

You are just feeling the pain of a spectator. Thank God, be happy, 5x dayly at least
Dear Anonymous,
I am very thankful to God for everything He has ever bestowed on me. I have to say that your comment about being a spectator is not really a fact. If you watched CNN's "Unwelcome: the Muslims Next Door" you would have known that prejudice and mistreatment is a sad reality for many Muslims in the US.  This is not to say that we are forlorn...but we do need to make it an issue. If this type of treatment is ignored than we are destined to face what the rest of the world is facing in terms of racism and Islamophobia.  We have to educate others about our religion and also to let them know that it is not ok to hate us because of our religious beliefs. 

I feel for all people that are oppressed no matter what religious affiliation they associate with. My family is actually from Egypt and to the best of my knowledge (and I could be wrong considering the current tensions - but I hope not) Coptic Christians are treated well. Both Christian and Muslim citizens are treated equally and they share a brotherhood through loving their beloved country.
I pray that everyone can "Thank God, be happy, 5x's daily at least" dear reader.
This is a photo of the Revolution in Egypt. The Christians are protecting the Muslims as they pray. This picture brought tears to my eyes. I really hope that Egypt will come out of all these troubles a phoenix. I also pray for the end of conflicts in Syria, Somalia and all over the world, ameen.
Thank you for coming by,


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