A question about Hand Chopping and Islam

I’m happy that this question was posted because it can help delineate certain misconceptions of Islam. Here’s the question from Anonymous:

Here is a question that Muslims on other forum seem to keep avoiding: How many hands are chopped off of thieves in Muslim countries. Take Arabia, Iran and Oman for example. Is it one hand chopped off last year? Is it one hand chopped off in the last twenty years? Or is it ten hands chopped off last year? What is it?

My logical question back would be, how many people were killed unjustly on Death Row in these past 5 years in Texas alone? I believe that corporal punishment is drastic at any measure, but death is the ultimate retribution. Ever think of how much better it might be to lose your hand over your life? I’m just talking logic here. These people that you refer to in your post are walking warnings to everyone around them that stealing is a bad idea. Seriously speaking…can you guess how many people are walking around the Middle East one hand short? I have to say…I haven’t seen any. There is a sharp difference in extremity of punishment when hand chopping and the death sentence are compared. How can you retract taking a life, at least with one hand short you can still live your life.

Another note: a country is ruled by Muslims, does not necessarily mean it is an Islamically run state. I dare say, there is no correct Islamically run nation in the whole world. There is so much corruption running through all nations of the world. To point out one nation or a bunch of nations and label them as Islamic or Muslim is incorrect. If there was a nation that did lead its people strictly by Islamic law, there would be no reason for people to steal. Through mandated alms-giving and charity, there would be no underprivileged citizens in a true Islamic nation. This was proven in 717 A.D. during the reign of Umar Ibn Abdel Aziz. Due to the diligence of the Muslim community at that time, no one in society was in need.

It is so easy for us to judge, hate and discriminate against one another, the hardest part is to get passed all that and see each other through eyes of inquisitive understanding. We will never see beyond our own noses otherwise.

Peace be with you



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