The Power of a Smile...

I was at a gas station today and I heard this man cussing up a storm. I was a little shaken when I saw this because 1. He had the most horrible expression on his face and 2. The person he was cussing at was a woman that looked so forlorn I felt sorry for her. So what can happen in a person's life to make them hate the living so badly? I was a little scared to tell you the truth. A person that angry should not be driving or influencing a driver. I have kids man...these things tend to get you in ways they never did before.

The moral of the story is...just think of the beauty you spread through just a little smile and purity of heart...the world would be a lot more at ease. I guess having braces helps with the whole smile as wide as you can...because sometimes if you stop half way you can actually hurt yourself.

Smile wide and real purty now!

Cheese! Oh, and what simple and great form of charity!


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