Me, my darling 4 yr. old, and Ms. Rosa Parks

So, this past week my daughter and I were working on a school project for her Pre-K class. Yes, I know a four year old doing a project?! Yes, she has had a few this year, and for this I am thankful. She is learning the fundamental elements of research, story-telling and presenting her thoughts in a most eloquent manner 

I taught her about Rosa Parks, and she devoured the story. She was so upset that people could be treated so unjustly. You should have seen the relief in her eyes when she learned that Ms. Rosa finally got to sit in the front with everyone else.

As I was telling her this story, I couldn't help but feel teary-eyed (and no, it had nothing to do with my allergies). This didn't happen very long ago. As a civilization we have come a long way. She fought along with countless others for what they believed in. A lot of times we get too comfortable in the skin that we're in to realize what others might be going through.

All in all, I was seriously flabbergasted at how passionate a child could get over injustices done to others. She was tuning in to her innocence and common sense, if only we could all do that! :)


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