Hope: my thoughts after watching CNN's "Unwelcome: the Muslims Next Door"

“Terrorist!” they rant and rave,
“Terrorist go back home” that road they would be glad to pave.
“It’s not that bad” I confirm.
“This land is where I came from” on that I am firm.

I was born and raised in America, my home.
Not in Egypt, Spain, Turkey or Rome.
My heart started pumping on American soil.
Not in some country that provides us with oil.

This is not to say that any country is better than the other
It’s just to say that I was born and raised here by my father and my mother
America is home, whether you like it or not,
I am an America Muslim and in our land freedom has been sought.

There are many out there that don’t like this fact
Un-American is what it is, I can care less for their lack of tact.
As Americans and as Muslims we love this land
And for both we will always stand.

“Islamic Shariah Law!” they scream out
“Islamic Shariah Law will take over our country!” they shout
Do you people even know what Islamic Shariah is all about?
It’s about preserving life, it’s about bettering yourself…nothing to do with changing America’s route.

What do I wish you would see in me?
I wish you’d see my personality
I wish you’d see that I have a family
I wish you’d see that I am FREE.

I am an American Muslim
And my hope is brewing to the rim.


  1. nice ..loved it

  2. assalamualaikum...i hope u'll never give up... it's only a small step 4 us to be near to Jannah with the bless of Allah... i'm also a muslim, a malaysian muslimah....
    perhaps i'll be a mukminah too. u know there is a small differences between a muslim and a mukmin.. a muslim may not be a mukmin but a mukmin really a muslim...
    why i can say like that? bcoz based on my opinion, not all of muslim care of their religion, some of them only make a title of muslim only on their ic... but a mukmin will care of their religion very much... especially in ibadah for Allah...

    if there's any mistakes in my words, i feel so sorry.... i'm not such a good n kind person to share something good with u....

    i hope u will never give up bcoz life of a muslim is full with difficulties but we have to trust there's something nice n wonderul is waiting for us in the future.. insya Allah... may Allah bless u... sister in Islam.. Ameen... if there's anything that u want to share just visit my sites.. http://juz4funkamsahamnida.blogspot.com


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