A Question of Respect

Ray Barrett said:

I have a question. I am generally supportive of Islam, though I myself am not a practitioner. There is one issue that I have not been able to understand, however. I learned during the recent Jyllands-Posten controversy that many Muslims believe that no one should be allowed to create or display images of Mohammed, regardless of their religion. If I am not Muslim, why should a Muslim care whether or not I create images of Mohammed? If Muslims are not willing to respect my personal beliefs regarding Mohammed, how can they ask for that respect in return?

3:39 PM

Amaana03 replied:

Hello Ray,

You have a very good question and I am happy that you asked. I don't know about you but growing up I was taught something to the effect of my freedom ends at the tip of my nose...does that make sense? This means that once I start to oppress others...my freedom is no longer mine...I have started to infringe on someone else's liberty. In the Holy Quran there is a verse that means, "They have their religion and I have mine"...and "There is no compulsion in Islam"...this shows you that our religion is a religion of simplicity, peace and above all acceptance. But when you start to infringe on my liberties and start to insult my religion and way of life...I think that it is you that is not "willing to respect" our personal beliefs of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). We would never insult Jesus or Moses or any of the Prophets for that matter. I have a question for you...why is it such an itching desire to make a picture or image of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)...is it because we dislike it that everyone wants to do it? What does it do for you in your everyday life? Does it make you feel fulfilled that you have created an image and called it "Mohammad"? It is strange how we try to create friction between one another...it is strange how we try to find our differences and greatly exaggerate them just to show the world how different you might think we are. We are a people of peace...we are a people of understanding and intelligence. The world's sudden urge to insult Muslims around the world only shows how unsupportive of Islam it really is. We must educate ourselves and I thank you for asking...I hope it helped you get a glimpse of the other side.


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