Day In, Day Out

Day in day out we live our lives with the hopes of better understanding ourselves and the world around us. But what does that really "understand" ourselves?

A few years back I was fortunate enough to be an active member in the Muslim Students Association. While being a part of this ever changing group...I learned life lessons that would not only help me get through life, but hopefully guide my children as well. We had something called a dawah table, basically a table/booth where we handed out Islamic pamphlets to educate everyone on campus.

The sole purpose of this table was to educate, but while we were out there...we got into a lot of heated discussions about life, God, politics and last but not least religion. Almost everyone that spoke to us would tell us things like, "I was raised Catholic (or Christian)..." What is that supposed to mean? Are you still Catholic or are you not? Do you believe in what you were taught or not? It was here that I think I came to terms with the phrase "understanding myself"...people were walking around aimlessly...driven by the need for money and status. What happens when all of this is gone? What is left of you? Understanding yourself means to truely and sincerly understand your purpose in this life. Islam makes things easy for us...we as Muslims, are simply here to worship and obey God (or Allah in Arabic). Simply stated...I submit to Allah. Islam means literally to "submit to God"...all the Prophets were Muslim because 1. they submitted to God and 2. all their messages were the same message as the Prophets that came before and after them.

In short, there is a purpose and a need for every thing small and large that happens in our lives...we just have to be smart enough to understand that...the funny part is the more we start to see, the more we realize you know nothing at all.

More to come inshaAllah (God-Willing)


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