A material world for a material life
It could never understand the strife
Of a People dispossessed and prohibited life

I am an American citizen of Egyptian descent,
Living in a world with in a world; always to be sent
From door to door – as if the world were a room for rent

The television: a window to my internal world
Chaotic and feeling so effortlessly hurled
By our “leaders” into an abyss tossed and curled

To live a life of spirituality with in the superficial
You become the target of a life: artificial
Spiders weave cob webs around you, scheming to call you a terrorist official

But why the lies…?
Just look into my eyes
And maybe your fear will undo it ties

Put a hand out to understand
A world that keeps growing, yet becoming a tight band
We scream for peace as individuals, little do we know we can become one hand

None of us are better than the other
Not him, not her, not even the Pope’s mother
Life goes on and the world is always ready for another

What do I wish for you may ask,
I wish for a world without a mask
No more conspiracies to lighten the evil task
Of ethnic cleansing of our people as in the past

People that don’t understand call us hateful
Yet they kill, burn, bury us and say we should be grateful
Helping humanity through fighting a new crusade: conclusion: disdainful

You ask me how I feel
Do you want the politically correct deal?
Or do you want to know what we talk about at every meal?

Politically correct, I feel oppressed
Looking around this place only feeling depressed
It’s your religion you might say, but with my religion I am caressed
It’s with your government that I feel this great unrest
I used to call it “my government” but it’s too easy to be held under arrest
The land of the free, for me…? Is this a test?

My point in all of this is to make you see a world with in a world
The way it is - not only for me,
But for people that have their words lost only wishing to be free.


  1. couldn't have been said any better...it's beautiful and deep..you should write more poems, your thoughts are very well expressed thru them :)

  2. Oh my gosh. Did you seriously write this? All I can say is wow. beyond words, beyond measure, you have truly touched me by this.


  3. how do i post a question on here? I cant find a link, only comments

  4. You leave a comment and then I will post the question on the page :) Happy writing!



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