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Question from Angelica:

Angelica said...

I was wondering: You know how ur allowed to wear socks for 24 hours after Wudu and so you dont have to wash the feet over and over if u keep the socks on....well, wouldnt the same thing apply for nail polish? if you clean the nails while making Wudu, then immediatley put on polish to seal in the cleanliness, couldnt you also keep this on for 24 hours? I know we are not supposed to adorn ourselves with bright colored polishes, but i feeel happy and femenine when i have nice clear polished shiny nails. What do u think?

Answer from Amaana03:

Asalamu3alaikum Angelica...

Here's what I've found...Hope it helps!

If a woman has wudu and then wears nail polish on top of that, is her wudu valid? Can she do 'masa' over that nail polish for one full day, as is the case with socks? Please clarify. Jhazak Allahu Khair,

Answer from Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Hanooti:
I recommend that women to avoid nail polish as much as she can in order to be certain that her wudu is valid because all the answers regarding the use of nail polish says is affects wudu. I don’t see that analogy (qiyas) is possible in ‘Ibadat (worship) so you cannot compare wiping over nail polish with wiping over socks.

The answer to this question was taken from:

Here is another response to the same question:

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear sister in Islam, thanks for your question, which reflects your interest in becoming well acquainted with the teachings of Islam and in making da`wah to those sisters who may be weaker in iman.

The sisters you were arguing with are trying to draw analogies between rulings of Shari`ah. But we have to caution that analogy (qiyas) is one the secondary sources of Shari`ah, which requires that certain conditions be met and that the person who manages it is qualified. Only well-qualified scholars who are well-versed in religious sciences can practice analogy. Other people should resort to scholars to learn the rulings of Shari`ah.

As regards the two arguments you raised, we'd like to cite for you the Fatwa of Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who states:

"Washing the hands — nails included — with water is an essential integral part (fard) of wudu', which means that wudu' is not valid without it; washing is incomplete unless water comes in direct contact with the skin and fingernails.

Nail polish, paint, etc. have a thick layer that prevents water reaching your skin. It is, therefore, a must to remove that layer before making wudu'. Henna (or hair dye), however, is different from nail polish since it has no visible layer but only color. So it does not affect the validity of wudu'.

What is stated above is the generally accepted view of all of the Schools of Jurisprudence. Exceptions to this rule are made only when use of water becomes harmful because of a health condition or sickness.

The analogy of wiping hands with wiping on socks or stockings is not valid; there is precedent to allow wiping on socks or stockings in the Shari`ah, while no such precedent exists as regards wiping of hands in normal circumstances."

Excerpted, with slight modifications, from:

You can also read:

Wiping over Socks

Allah Almighty knows best.

All Fatwas published on this website ( represent the juristic views and opinions of eminent scholars and Muftis. They do not necessarily form a juristic approach upheld by this website.



  1. i have always wondered and im glad it had been explained.


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