What Sings to Your Heart? In Response to "Robotic Prayer"

So we make music a part of our lives...sometimes we understand it...sometimes we don't...but the most important thing is...it's in our lives. I think this can be said about almost every young person on earth...yes - no? Someone can listen to orchestra music and have no idea what the music is really saying - yet love it all the same. This person can easily interpret what he/she is hearing and make it apply to his/her life...guess what folks...

If you want to understand something and get out of the routine mundane world you live in...you have to make things make sense. Prayer is something that anyone looking for answers does...prayer is something that we too cannot live without...prayer is the song of our hearts...even though we might not consciously believe it to be true. Our hearts and souls are thirsty for closeness to God - just as our whims and our lusts are thirsty for music.

We should see that both are comparable in that they drive the human spirit. The answer to how to get out of routine/robotic prayer that we do 5 times a day is simple...think of why we do it...think really hard...realize that Islam is a religion of reason and everything that we do has a bigger and greater purpose...for example - think of the movements in prayer (why do we do those...think of those benefits)...the more you make things make sense to you the more you will be able to love it...just as you love that music...or whatever sings to your heart. A lot of times we get stuck in movements (i.e. At work...you get there...sit at your desk...fill out paper work...have lunch...fill out more paper work...go home...turn on the t.v. Eat dinner...THEN what??!!) As human beings we have the capacity to reason and to THINK...why are we doing what we are doing???!! It must be important if we have to do this same ritual 5 times a day...

Research...think...and think some more...and surely you will find the answer.


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