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Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

I have genuinely been thinking of what to write ever since my last posting. All I can think to write about revolves around the suffering of my brothers and sisters in humanity. Please read this entry and try to live a few seconds in someone else's shoes.

Bitter cold, sick and yet I cannot make a sound. My coughs are swallowed and my chest feels like it's about to burst. Burst out of fear, illness and pain...but something I have rarely felt is hatred, and yet it feels like it runs though my blood...only for those who killed my f family. Now I am alone and the goose bumps are prickling through my skin. It is dark in here. Small confinements have always scared me, but I am not alone. God is with me. If they find this place, the worst that they can do is kill me as they did everyone else in my village. I am only 12 years of age, but feel as if I bear the burden of three painful lifetimes. I have no hopes of a future ever presenting itself to my saddened and once eager heart.

All I can think of is surviving one more day. The earth under me is nerve tingling and the quiet around me is nerve wracking. Why doesn't anyone understand that I want to go home? A home where my family will be ready to greet me with no worries and our olive trees growing strong? How are we the terrorists when tanks exist in our streets? Why is the world so blind? We have been dehumanized and herded to our deaths...and the world just watches. A sick morbid delight it seems to take at watching our blood spew from our bodies alight by faces of determination and terror combined. It is not fair...why must we suffer for who we are proud to be? The once chained are the ones to chain. We are imprisoned with no hope but death itself...and the world lives on...

The entry above is reality to so many people in the world today. Unfortunately, this has become a world where defending and fighting for one's home and family is an act of terrorism. Dear Reader, let me ask you a question...what happens at any school if one student steals another student's pencil…this piece of wood that is worth no more than $0.10? What happens...a fight breaks out. Now imagine your home being ransacked and torn down, your mother and sister raped and killed, your father and brother slaughtered because they tried to protect them...what would you do under these circumstances? It is not Islam that promotes "suicide bombings" it is human nature to protect and in some ways seek is not religion that preaches these almost animalistic is the twisted ways humans have learned to live their lives.

Any thoughts on this topic would be enlightening....


  1. Amaana, I'm a fan of your writing...It's amazing how you can write thoughts the way you do.


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