I haven't written in a while

Dear Reader,

Sorry it's been so long. I have been stuck in the whirlwind of life.

So I was driving home the other day and I saw this relatively new restaurant called "Twin Peaks". The ad is of a country girl with her shirt half open holding a try and a gigantic smile. It all added up to me and it is basically another "Hooters". What I don't understand is how no one sees these restaurants and other venues for entertainment as subjugation of women. These places are a real let down to the American and Islamic ideals of freedom and liberation of the woman. I'd really like to hear others opinions on this topic. Please add a comment and we can start a dialogue! :) Take care and hope to hear from you soon!



  1. haha..yah i saw those billboard signs all along the highway in Austin...i laughed...how ridiculous...its funny people need to be entertained when they go out to eat...what's wrong with good old conversation?

    btw, i'm glad you posted on your facebook about this blog. -penny

  2. Hey Penny...thanks for posting :) I just felt compelled to make a comment about this situation of these "restaurant/entertainment" places that are popping up around town. It's pretty ridiculous and very sad that people haven't understood this as oppression of women. Very frustrating.

    I also got a comment on Facebook...here is what it reads:

    Amber Horton writes:

    I think the reason why is that so many women fought to be liberated. But they don't understand that it is not liberating them by putting them on display and selling them for their bodies. Nor is it liberating them by degrading them. It actually undermines the feminist movement, which wanted to be taken seriously, not to be just another pretty face on the block with nothing to really contribute to society besides just some piece of eye candy...


  3. "It's pretty ridiculous and very sad that people haven't understood this as oppression of women."

    I'm not sure that they haven't. I would imagine that for people who frequent places like this (and strip bars too)the objectification of women is part of the appeal.

    Contrary to what Amber writes, I also very much doubt that women who consider themselves feminists or liberated would actually work at a place like this... though some may tell themselves that is the reason in order to be able to live with what they are doing. To me, and I hope many others, 'liberation' is about equality and respect. I don't see respect in any shape or form in places like this.

    - Charlotte

  4. I didn't say EVERYONE is oblivious to it. I said that many people still are. Just look at music videos. If you look at the vids by men, most of the time they are clothed, women on the other hand, such as beyonce, mariah carey, britney spears, etc. They are usually naked or very close to it. Objectifying and pimping themselves out like the common prostitutes who stand on the street. Yeah they get paid more money, and they may not physically interact with the men who make them the object of their sick fantasies, but lets face it, the American society still has VERY far to go before women are actually looked at with any respect.



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