As I look at the bottle of Inspiration
I drink and drink and hope to feel exhilaration

I think of all the people that are in need of stories told
Stuck in a world of old

Looking into their eyes as I write
I feel that that there is only the hope of light

I can be their hand as I sit here
I sit hoping and praying that words will deter the fear

The fear of loss, the fear of war, the fear of disease
Wishing and praying for ease.

Ease in the light, ease in the Might of God on High
We work and wait and wait and work and we hold to the rope that ties.

If in ourselves, we are not the change that we seek
We will forever stay weak and ever so meek

The world is unyielding to people continually changing
Roping us into an eternal hazing

Only with hope, faith and mutual consideration
will we be able to save our nations...

By: Mona Banawan


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